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Landmarks and Sights

Many visitors who flock to the land Palencia, surprising for its richness and landscape diversity, enjoying the largest collection of Romanesque art in Europe and more than 15% of Cultural Interest of the Castilian region, or the presence Otter, the dipper, or the elusive brown bear, making this province a living and easily accessible in different ways as the ancient Camino de Santiago that runs through these lands museum.

Palencia never disappoint the visitor. Made up of several distinct natural regions together regarding landscape, vegetation, wildlife and natural resources. The course is an inexhaustible source of pleasure for those who appreciate the beauty of nature in each of its manifestations.

Tierra de Campos occupies the central and southeastern area of ​​the provincial map and, despite its large area of ​​2,709 km², is characterized by a remarkable landscape homogeneity. Dominated by smooth plains, no higher thresholds of 725-850 m., With presence of some hill and mountain testimonial. This is an area of ​​cereal clear vocation and where we can find important wetlands that provide enormous biodiversity in the area.

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