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Welcome to Country Rural House Paso Camino de Santiago, a building with a rich historical value, with over a hundred years old, carefully restored to maintain its original style and charm of their lordly origin, located in the municipality of Población de Campos.

It has capacity for 2 to 13 persons with all comfort, and all our interior rooms have twin beds and feature bathroom, heating, bathroom amenities, patio and open terrace. Decorated with rich woods and warm colors. Note, that the interior rooms are very special for your decoration and quiet aerea, and have outside views.

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Comments (3)

  1. Only Imma kindly and sister are enough to spend a few days here reason.
    We went with a voucher of Life is Beautiful and without much hope. However the weekend was perfect. The area, the mystery of the Camino de Santiago passing through the door, gastronomy sites like Villalcazar of Sirga, the warmth of the room and especially the care of Inma, you feel as if come back to spend a weekend in Grandma’s.
    Repeat. It will take time, but repeat.

    Fernando Calvo

  2. We have been twice with Carmen and Imma, and say their names because the human quality that characterizes equals and exceeds the level of the establishment. Our family rooms are more than satisfactory: good food, good rooms, excellent treatment. Congratulations from Barcelona from Ferran Ricard (do not know it yet).

    Ellen and David

  3. I have just one word … THANK capitals … We organize the Camino de Santiago and only made a stop for coffee … .uffff … The lady who runs … We prepared the stew .. Freshly made … With a cupcake … .. with a sweet, pleasant conversation … it was not in our plans to sleep there and certainly have cost us to continue our journey …
    A hug …. (Take the comment, but do not forget)

    Richard, by tripadvisor

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