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Campos Routes, Land of Churches and Museums: Towns of Campos

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Ruta de las Villas de Campos

From Palencia, we will proceed to Fuentes de Valdepero, with an interesting castle that is undergoing renovation, as it will be the future seat of the Provincial Archives. This castle belonged to the Sarmiento, Castro and Duchy of Alba. The Church of Santa María de la Antigua also deserves an unhurried visit.

We will continue to Monzón de Campos that used to be the county seat of the “Merindad” of Campos and its namesake county. Nowadays, the town has two urban areas dominated by the Castle, which was built during the 11th to 14th centuries. The king of Aragon, Alphonse the Warrior and Queen Urraca were married here. The Church of Salvador, located in the city centre, boasts an interesting altarpiece of painted boards, dominated by the image of the Virgin Mary breastfeeding the Holy Infant, a Gothic paint by Alejo de Vahía.

Monzón de Campos. Altarpiece.

We will now proceed to Amusco to visit its massive St. Peters Church, also known as the “Pajaón de Campos”, due to the magnitude of its single nave and the enormous altarpiece that dominates the presbytery. The Romanesque church of Our Lady of the Fountains is also worth a visit.

We will continue our journey to Piña de Campos to visit the Church of Saint Michael, built in the 16th century over the ruins of a 13th century church. This temple possesses a rich patrimony. The chapel of Doctor Guerra or of the Assumption, dominated by a painted altarpiece attributed to Vicente Carducho are of particular interest. The temple houses a small, yet interesting museum.

From Piña de Campos, we can travel to Fromista by way of the Canal de Castilla Route or the Way of St. James; or we can proceed to San Cebrían de Campos to visit the church of Saint Cornelius and Cyprian with interesting altarpieces. We will then continue to Ribas de Campos to visit the former Monastery of Santa Cruz de la Zarza. From there, we will go to Monzón and then to Husillos to visit the former Abbey, seat of councils. From here, we will return to our starting point.

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