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Campos Routes, Land of Churches and Museums: Hills and Mountains


To acquire a complete picture of Tierra de Campos, one must travel to Autilla del Pino, located ten kilometres from the capital city. On a clear day, you will be able to appreciate the vastness of this land from the vantage point of the Mirador de Campos. We will proceed to Paradilla del Alcor to visit the ruins of its castle. From here, we will go to Santa Cecilia del Alcor on our way to Paredes del Monte, and from there, to Ampudia. A visit not to be missed is St. Michael Collegiate Church, whose title was awarded by the Duke of Lerma in the 17th century. The graceful tower dates back to those days. The church has several chapels and altarpieces, and interesting religious works of art. The Museum of Religious Art, located in the church of a now extinct convent, houses a rich collection of silverwork, sculptures and paintings, as well as several documents. The stroll through the porticoed streets will bring to our minds the festivals and market days held under them. We can also see the Castle and visit the art collection on display at the Eugenio Fontaneda Foundation. The nearby Sanctuary of Our Lady of Alconada is also worth a visit. We can also go to Valoria del Alcora and visit its small Romanesque church, built in the 12th century.

We will now return to Ampudia and proceed to Torremojón, where we can visit the Romanesque tower of the church. From here, we can proceed to Belmonte de Campos, via Villerías de Campos and Meneses de Campos, to visit the ruins of its castle, which still preserves a graceful tower. This 16th-century Gothic church belonged to the Manuel family, and subsequently to the Duke of Nájera. On our way back to Palencia, we will surely see more than one dovecot. The return trip will take us through Castil de Vela and Villarramiel, where we can visit the church of Saint Michael, designed by Ventura Rodríguez, and the Church of Santa María. We will then proceed to Castromocho, Mazariegos and Villamartín de Campos, and onwards to Palencia. Another option is travelling from Ampudia via the CERRATO ROUTE at Dueñas.

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