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Interpretation Center of Tierra de Campos

Located inside the church of San Martin, this center recently established, opened in 2004 in order to make known to visitors all sorts of details related to the town of Paredes de Nava, which has been taken as a model of town of Tierra de Campos. A series of informative panels referring to both famous characters […]

Castilla Canal

The Castilla Canal is an ambitious engineering work begun in the mid 18th century and completed one century later, the result of the imagination and the efforts of an enlightened group of people who had the idea of building an outlet to the sea for the cereals grown on the fields of Castile. Today its […]

Roman villa of La Olmeda

It was built in the 4th century A.D., and covers 3,000 square metres arranged around a courtyard with four galleries decorated with mosaics. Two of these galleries lead onto the villa through doors flanked by white marble columns. Of the 27 rooms, 12 are equipped with hypocausts (a system of underground heating). The building has […]

San Martín de Tours Church, Frómista

This is one of the most quintessential buildings of the Spanish Romanesque. It was built by Doña Mayor, the widow of Sancho Mayor, King of Navarre, and has been the spiritual resting place of the pilgrims on the road to Santiago. The building features three naves, all with barrel vaults and rib arches. There are […]